CHECK-IN: on arrival guests are request to show a valid identity document for each member of the group/family to permit registration required by law.

PITCHES: pitch number is assigned by the Management; any next move must be authorized. 1 caravan + 1 car or 1 tent + 1 car or 1 camper are allowed on each pitch. All the rest is to be authorized and considered extra according to the price list.  
In case of departure after 12:00 we will charge the following day (independently from the arrival time).

ACCOMMODATION: number is assigned by the Management. Keys will be handed over from 15:00 on the arrival day. Upon departure, the accommodation must be left by 10:00 am in good conditions. Do not leave waste inside / outside the unit. Any damages have to be paid.

CARS: Cars must be parked in the dedicated areas. Do not leave the engine running. The circulation of vehicles within the campsite is allowed, at a maximum speed of 10 km / h, from 7:00 to 23:00. From 23:00 to 7:00 it is not allowed to enter or drive around the campsite. The barrier at the entrance will be lowered and the vehicles must be left in the parking area. It is recommended to collect the car as soon as possible the next morning.

PETS: dogs are allowed only if they have a health record. Breeds considered dangerous by the ex-Italian law are not allowed. Please always keep them on a leash, do not leave them alone on the pitch or in the accommodation. They should not disturb the peace of the other guests and the decor of the campsite. Please always collect their dejections and throw them in the special bins present on the campsite.

RESPONSABILITIES: The Management is liable for civil liability towards third parties and for damages to people, things only within the limits, conditions and stable risks of the insurance company with which the Campsite has stipulated a specific policy. By international convention, damage caused to cars is excluded as they are already covered by the compulsory car insurance.
The Management is not responsible for damage caused in the camping to people and things by natural phenomena or natural disasters.
The Management is not responsible for the theft or loss of values left unattended by guests in their own camping vehicles or in the campsite.
The Management is not liable for any disservices due to non-supplies, accidental breakdowns of the equipment or other causes of force majeure.

CHILDREN: inside the campsite, children must always be accompanied by a parent or an adult, who assumes full responsibility towards third parties and undertakes to compensate them for any damage they cause.

VISITORS: Relatives, friends and visitors in general will be able to access the campsite after authorization from the Reception; an identity document has been delivered. After one-hour it
will be applied a fee according to the price list. The Reception reserves the right to refuse entry of visitors during periods of maximum occupation.

HYGIENE: we please ask you to keep maximum cleanliness in the toilets, washbasins and in general throughout the camping area; to empty the chemical toilet in the appropriate place indicated by the sign or connect to the appropriate drains in the pitch and not in the toilets or in the rainwater drain grates.
Do not wash dishes, cloths or anything else in the sinks reserved for personal cleaning.
Waste must be sorted by the guests and taken to the collection areas.

WATER: water is a precious gift, not to be wasted. We invite you to use it with parsimony. It is not allowed to wash cars, caravans and campers.

NATURE: do not light open fires on pitches or at mobile homes; constantly monitor open flames such as candles, coals and ensure that they are completely flamed out.
 Do not damage plants, flowers and campsite facilities.
Avoid any noise from 23:00 to 07:00. From 14:00 to 15:00 light activities that can not disturb other guests.

SWIMMINGPOOLS: please check regulation at swimming pool area. In case of bad weather, no life-guard service.

EMERGENCIES: Campsite emergency number: 346 3366184 – Emergency point: CAMPSITE RECEPTION.
In case of fire inside or close to an accommodation or on a pitch please:
1.    call the campsite emergency number to report the emergency,
2.    Move away from the fire and position yourself at a safe distance waiting for rescue,
3.    Notify your neighbours so that they can also be safe.
4.    In case of emergency (earthquake, fire, flood, …) camping staff will inform guests through a megaphone, of the emergency in progress and the procedures to be followed,
5.    All guest must reach the closest SAFE ZONE. Please have a look at the emergency map displayed at various points on the campsite
 Please follow the instructions of campsite staff during the evacuation of the campsite.

Being our guest means total acceptance of the following regulation. Ignorance of the rules is not considered excuse; their failure will lead to possible measures, not least the departure from the campsite.

Règlement pour les réservations        

Les réservations peuvent être effectuées sur le site du camping, par poste électronique, courrier postal, téléphone ou fax. En retour, il sera envoyé un devis pour les dépenses ainsi que le montant d'un acompte à envoyer par virement bancaire. La confirmation de la réservation sera envoyée dès réception de l'acompte.
Il est admis d'ajouter des personnes durant le séjour après avoir avisé la direction.
L'entière période réservée et confirmée sera entièrement comptée et devra être payée, également en cas d'arrivée tardive ou de départ anticipé. (emplacements + personnes ou logements)
La direction se réserve le droit d'occuper de nouveau la location si celle-ci s'est libérée avant terme.
L'affectation des lieux est réservée à la direction du camping, qui, en fonction de la disponibilité tiendra compte des exigences particulières exprimées par le client.
En cas de non-arrivée la Direction tiendra à disposition du client les lieux affectés jusqu'à 13 heures du jour successif.
Pour les structures et les emplacements réservés, le solde du séjour devra être réglé au plus tard le jour suivant celui de l'arrivée.
Le paiement de l'acompte implique l'acceptation totale des présentes conditions de réservations et du règlement interne du camping.

Réservation des emplacements
L'emplacement réservé est à disposition du client à partir de 15 heures.

Acompte: Il n'est pas obligatoire de réserver les emplacements mais il est conseillé de le faire durant la période de haute saison; la réservation comporte un acompte de 50%.

Annulation: dans le cas d'annulation, avant 15 jours de la date d'arrivée, l'acompte sera restitué avec seulement une retenue pour les frais (Euro 20,00).
A partir de 15 jours à la date d'arrivée perte de l'acompte versé.

Réservation des mobiles homes
L'affectation du logement est à discrétion de la direction; celui-ci sera consigné propre et en ordre entre 15 heures et 20 heures le jour d'arrivée.

Acompte: correspond à 30% du prix total du séjour.
Il devra être payé à l'arrivée une caution de €100 qui sera restituée au départ après un contrôle de l'inventaire, de la propreté et d'éventuels dommages.

Annulation: en cas d'annulation, avant 15 jours de la date d'arrivée, restitution de l'acompte avec une retenue seulement pour les frais (Euro 20).
A partir de  15 jours à la date d'arrivée perte de l'acompte versé.